"Love, love, love my unit! So well made! ❤❤❤ Definitely will be back for more! Communication is amazing, no confusion whatsoever! Best customer service hands down!"

(Sonya, South Carolina)


"I'm loving my Unit! It keeps my natural hair protected. Bye Bye weaves✌! Oh.....Annnnd...let's not forget the Great Customer Service! She's extremely accommodating and will make adjustments to your unit whenever it's needed. Can't wait until se finishes my 2nd unit"

(Monique, California)


"You've got them going crazy over my hair here in Nigeria, girl! I am in love!"

(Mojisola, Nigeria)


"Initially, I was on the fence about wigs, but Keisha was extremely knowledgeable about different hair types and closures. She was available to answers the thousands of questions I had and she really made the entire buying experience easy for me from out of state. I told her the look I was going for and Keisha created exactly what I had envisioned! 9 months later and I'm still rockin my Lucke unit! Dont cheat yourself ladies, TREAT yourself! It's definitely worth the investment! smile emoticon #LuckeGirl"

(Randi, Miami)


"Got a upart for while I was on Vacation, worked perfectly! Loved everything about it especially not putting heat on my own hair everyday. I am completely satisfied with my new look. Thanks, would definitely get another piece!!"

(Bryanna, Seattle)


"I love my Lucke by Keisha unit!! My hair has grown tremendously!! The units are natural looking that people do not even notice that it's a wig!! Thanks Lucke by Keisha!!"

(Cherece, Seattle)


"I got my first full unit a month ago. I was very hesitant and nervous about the part not looking natural and people looking at me crazy when they saw me. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely love my unit. Its so beautiful and professionally made. I've named her Roxie! I didnt get mine sewed down so I can take it off when I go to the gym daily. It's so convenient for my active lifestyle. Two weeks in and I ordered a second unit. Can't wait to get it, I'm hooked!"

(Markky, Seattle)


"I was never into weaves or wigs because I thought they wouldn't look natural. But when I saw all the Lucke clients and their hair units and how beautiful and natural the hair looked I had to try it. The process is simple and once you're in your unit you're protecting your own hair and allowing it time to grow. I have one unit now for when I want the long straight look but now I'm in the process of getting a second curly unit. If you want to add some body or length to your hair or just want to put away and protect it give Lucke by Keisha a try. You'll be more than satisfied!"

(Jaleecia, Seattle)


"This is an amazing company with great products and personnel. I love my unit and can't wait to get another one, they are so versatile! SO GLAD I CAN BE LUCKE!"

(Latisha, NY)


"Can I just say that I was NOT sold on the idea of wearing any kind of wig or addition other than braids. I was skeptical, but wearing my hair naturally for so long I wanted a break. The challenge was finding the right look and the right color. Keisha ROCKED it. The color was almost identical and the look was great. The real test was when my Black co worker said, "Did you do something different to your hair? Did you curl it with rods or two strand twist? What products did you use?" Bam! Too bad I can't post pictures!"

(Michelle, Seattle)



@MrsHairToday2012 loves her Protective Style!
From being a brand ambassador for Carols Daughter to being an active and amazing mother, MrsHairToday2012 tried out Lucke units to give her hair a break and let her hair rest. It turned out to be one of the easiest things ever and she was shocked with the amount of versatility!!! Follow her on Instagram to see her many looks!!!
@Allthings_Hair gives a review on her fab look!
FrAll things hair is known for giving their un-filtered reviews on the hair industry and its many products! Well, Lucke by Keisha passed with flying colors and they loved the product without any complaints! She is still rocking the unit a year and a half later! That's a win! Check out her review!
International blogger @IAMABYSSINIA gets Lucke!
"I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember. I feel like my hair is a huge part of me(literally!), not in a sense that “I am my hair” but in the sense that it’s my favorite statement piece. I love the versatility that the texture of my hair gives me- I can wear it a million different ways and never get bored. However, I have always wondered what short hair would be like and how it would influence my style. So I went ahead and did it! Got a wig that is! I reached out to Ms. Keisha Credit, owner of Lucke by Keisha who custom made my protective hair style with care as well as high quality materials. This has not only enabled me to keep the length of my hair but it is giving my hair  a much needed break from heat styling."

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