This is an opportunity to purchase access to Lucke By Keisha's TOP secret Lucke resources! 


You will be sent a download immediately upon purchase, therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and absolutely NO refunds will be given post purchase


We only have one source, and we know how valuable a trusted source can be for those in the hair industry. This is the ONLY caps we use for our glueless wigs!! We offer the opportunity to skip the research and the leg work, and take advantage of the roots we've already planted! 


One hair contact, one cap vendor, five years of trusted business to build a multi-million dollar company.


Together, my vendor and I have built million dollar international companies, and the rapport we've build is worth far more than the price we're offering. We know that many others in the industry offer a list of contacts they may or may not have worked with, and you may or may not have luck trying out one of their options. But that's not how we roll... We are REALLY offering our source. No gimmics, no games, no guessing.


If you're in the hair industry, this is a contact you want to have. 


And trust me, we realize how valuable this resource is, and we know we're offering it at HALF the price normally given for vendor sources!! $$$ (A vendor list with maaaybe one good vendor can be $800+!)


We've never sold our professional contacts before, and once it's gone, that's it- forever in the Lucke By Keisha vault.


This information is available for your single use, and is illegal to be re-sold or re-purposed in any way. 


We hope you appreciate this super unique opportunity as we offer a chance to grow your hair business! :)


Please email us at for any questions PRIOR to purchase. Thanks!

Dome Cap Vendor Contact


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