A Change has come.

Since 2013, it has been my honor to serve as your premier custom wig maker. We have pretty much spent most of my 20's together, and what a beautiful journey we have experienced!

7 years later, I am peacefully announcing my retirement from the wig industry.

I know, it's a shock, and you're saying, 'that's a huge move, Keisha'... And it is!! 

2020 came as an angel of change, and it has taught me to trust God, understand that time is not limitless, and that 'purpose' is a constantly evolving definition.

Lucke By Keisha is not going away- we are pivoting & evolving by discontinuing wig operations.

Our thousands of truly amazing customers make this moment of growth a challenging decision for us at Lucke... You are the core of this business, and your joy has always been our #1 priority. Our superior product, paired with our focus on satisfaction is what made Lucke soar to a million dollar business in year 5, and be recognized up by Forbes magazine for our amazing dedication to service. 

Today, we close the doors to our Wig operations, but will continue to serve our All Night Bonnet product line.

I thank you for the HUGE success of the All Night Bonnet, and the newly released 2nd design, The 'Bonnet 2'!! We sold out in record time, and will restock for the holiday season. These two designs are my 1st patented product inventions, and the positive feedback has blown my heart away! Thank you.

While you are no longer able to have the Lucke Custom Wig Experience, I have prepared for you alternate providers who I endorse 100%, and can service your wig needs to a standard of excellence. 

With these changes to our business model, we understand that you may have questions, and we are happy to answer them for you. The team at Lucke By Keisha has a continued dedication to your satisfaction, and we want to be as helpful as possible during this transition. Send us an email at mail@luckebykeisha.com
It has been my deepest honor to serve you as your wig CEO since 2013. Lucke By Keisha is my 1st business baby, and it has provided a foundation of entrepreneurship. I will forever be in love with the time I spent bustin' wigs out of my home studio with a team of amazing individuals. Those moments I cherish always.  

I am excited for the future of Lucke By Keisha, and I thank you for your dedication and love of this company. We move forward into a new era, and we hope that you continue with us on our journey.

I will miss seeing your faces for Consultation Tuesday, but I look forward to serving you in new ways... Whether that be by continuing to provide you with the most AMAZING All Night Bonnet on the market (and other amazing products), or if it's over on my entrepreneurial coaching page @KeishaCredit! Either way, this doesn't have to be goodbye, more like, see you soon, a change has come...

With love,
your Lucke By Keisha CEO & Founder,
Keisha Credit

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