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I'm like hey what's up hello! 😍Have you placed your order for your custom unit for the holidays__ L
30 seconds to put on. 5 minutes to curl
July 2013, transitioned to natural with a no heat movement and cut my hair off
Working woman wednesday!! 💜Love you a Lil updo or a bun for work, then let ya hair down for the eve
Seek for what you want. 👀 I know you looking for that lace front but you can't find it!👍 Of course
Pixie Unit- Red
Started wearin less and going out more...
Wave of color. Layers of color. Custom unit
Whats up under there__ Up under the wig, make sure you are paying attention to your natural hair and
🎉😙Cheers to you 25!🎁 After 2 months of prayer and fasting, God granted me this day

What is Lucke by Keisha?

Circa 2013


This is your one-stop-shop for all things wig & hairpieces! You can design the look you desire, and it will be made custom, just for you!


Your unit is going to last over a year with proper care, and over time it really pays for itself. Each unit and hair piece is made by hand, with care, and built to last. 


We specialize in wigs & hairpieces for natural hair women who are looking for an awesome protective style. BUT, we make wigs for ALL women (and men :)).


Hair should be easy, fun, and really make you feel even more beautiful. Lucke by Keisha is here to enhance your natural beauty and help you have fun doing so.

When you look good, you feel good!

Well, let me tell you why I love wigs, and how i started wearing them as a protective style.


Why i started wearing wigs:

BIG CHOP! I got into wearing wigs when i decided i no longer wanted to put heat on my hair, and I did a "Big Chop" in July 2013. After cutting my hair off, of course, I missed my looong straight hair!!! *Tragedy* So, I found an alternative- the best protective style ever!


I was my first client: 

I literally wear my product almost every single day, and i know it well. I love to switch it up and add to my hair wardrobe. With that, I understand the quality, and passion that we have for our hair to look right. Its a LIFESTYLE! You invest in your hair, look good, and feel good- its true.


How wigs have made my hair grow:

Custom wigs have now helped me to manage my big chop period and grow super thick and healthy hair! Of course, at first, i said "wig..?!!" NO WAY! But then, custom wigs were SO SO different than what I had imagined from the beauty store icky wigs! It was the best move i could have made.


How i maintain my natural hair:

I wear my wigs while my hair is braided underneath so that i can moisturize and condition my hair daily. We all know, when you leave hair alone, it will blossom more than imagined. And by wearing wigs, my hair still looks FLAWLESS, while my natural hair can just grow.


So, as i began wearing these new hair creations, OF COURSE people wanted to know how they could have one as well! And that's when GOD and my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in! "Lucke by Keisha LLC" was created in Seattle, WA, the summer of 2013- with the vision to provide women and clients with quality, hand made hair pieces & "wigs" in order to assist with versatility in looks, and protective styling.


I owe much of ALL of my success to GOD, My Grandfather, Mother, Friends, and also to the "village" of women, sorors of Delta Sigma Theta, who inspire me to dream larger, and do big things. Thank you all!! At a young bright age of 23, starting my own business and leaving a successful career as a Program Manager at Microsoft was daunting, but such a reward- thank you for the encouragement! Since then, in 2015, Lucke has enabled me to follow my passion of being my own boss and to help others. To see my many, many clients happy, and loving my work, it is all worth it.


This business, Lucke by Keisha, is about YOU! If there is anything that you see, or would like to see, have questions about, or are just confused and need direction, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (luckebykeisha@outlook.com). I will do my best to oblige and reply.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you all. Drops the mic. :)


Stay Lucke!!!! #Luckebykeisha #godbless #trustthejourney #stayfabulous #thankyou


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